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We believe that the interior revolves around two components: ergonomics and aesthetics. For the living space area we consider particular qualities of the owners: character, habits, hobbies, and activities, in order for them to feel truly at home. Decor, lighting and all other parts of the interior should be subordinated to the main concepts. This facilitates the functional zoning of your apartment or house and ensure that functional zones do not intersect. Everyone will be able to enjoy and appreciate your new home, but most importantly, it will make you feel comfortably at home.

When it comes to commercial projects it is very important to create a comfortable environment for visitors as well as staff. It is important to understand the daily operations of the organization in order to ergonomically design a space around the operational needs of the space. By projecting professionalism and warmth, we will design any commercial project to accommodate the day to day business operations and make everyone comfortable.

Our philosophical approach to development is based on 4 fundamental point:

The first step is for the customer to communicate the needs and wants to the architect. After the architect comes to a final understanding of the clients needs, an initial proposal consisting of several area design proofs is put together. This is the stage where the client first sees the elements and accents of the new space. After review and discussion, the client and the designer make amendments to the design to suit the client.

Project Design
At this stage the architect builds a model of future interior and visualize in sketches basic apartments. At pictures the customer could see its future interior and walk through it at request.

Working draft (basic or full)
The set of drafts are preparing after all
living areas were chose . Depending
on customers requirement the working
draft can be full: project stuff

- The control of repair and construction works
- Ordering of all furniture, glaze, finishing agents,
illumination, household appliances.
- Work with subcontractors: ventilation, conditioning, home cinema placing, illumination projects, textile goods ordering, intelligent house systems ordering, security arrangements organize.
- Accessories selection and purchase

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