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Better safe than sorry and its especially actual if we speak about building. How to insure yourself against possible disappointment and unjustified inputs. Nowadays technologies give you more prompt and useful decisions. Visualization is a reliable method of preview and objective evaluation of terminal project result with the help of 3d modeling.

The company iCube Visualization is positioning as a leader in computer visualization. Working since 1996, the company got such sold clients as:

- building companies: Don-Stroy, Inkom - real estate,CAS Reconstruction, Stimul Group;
- design institutes: KurortProject, OAS MosTransProject, StroyProject, OAS CNIIPROMZdaniy
- architect's offices: architectural bureau of Timyr Bashkaev, BOSCO Studio, Moscow Architects Centre, ABV Group, UNKProject
- magazines: 100% interior, GEO
- Moscow Olympic committee, Wrigley, etc

The company "iCube Visualization" favorably distinguish from others with it's ability to take a non-typical decisions during realization of projects and with usage of different methods of giving information, which makes visualization more substantial and enlarge customer's overview about object to the maximum. Objectivity and authenticity of visualization depends upon quality of it's performance as the most detailed draft or model can not show the complete picture of future object, the visualization which carried out "chilly" and standartly can not show all the nuanceses. Application of newest software and professional decor approach to reality not only the object, but components surrounding it. It is a lot of, at the first sight, insignificant factors, which can be decisive in decision-making about the future of project.

Not only architectural, engineering and design decisions are the main aim of visualization. It also to purpose commercial aims. Because its important not only to built house, but to sell it or to attract investment in new project and etc. Only creative approach to visualization can be a guarantee of expected result, because its not enough only technical images (even of a high quality) to make an advertisement or presentation.

iCube Visualization are high class professionals, who are able to project necessary object from furnishings to whole housing estate, to prepare animations, preview trailers, and illustrations of any complexity level, and to make project ready sale in shortest space of time.
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