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Moscow 2012 Luzhniki

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Today Luzhniki is the one of the biggest sport & entertaining complex of the world. Located in a vivid district of Moscow, it occupies an area of more than 145 hectares and consists of 140 different athletic facilities. In the center of the architectural ensemble is the big arena. To the south and to the north of the big arena there is a swimming pool and the small arena. Next to them The Olympic complex Luzhniki that includes the Sport Palace, Skating Ring, Tennis Center, Universal Sports Hall, and other structures.

Today arenas of "Luzniki" correspond to all last requirements of the international sports federations. The greater sports arena as a result of reconstruction in 1998 the decision of the commission of UEFA has received the status of 5-star stadium, in 2000 reconstruction of Small sports arena has been completed, and modernization of the Swimming pool is now spent. Capital authorities plan to transform a sport center "Luzniki" into Olympic object of a world level which 2012 becomes a part of the application for carrying out in Moscow summer Olympic Games.

Staff from animation:
Model is given by the customer
Completion of model: Pavel A Yarotsky
Aimation: Pavel A Yarotsky

Date: 2005-07-06
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