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Business Center Stalnaya Roza

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unctional complex. KR Properties has been engaged in the improvement of this territory for several years. Namely KR Properties was the first one applying renovation approach to the industrial area. Extra class B business center Krasnaya Roza was recognized, according to the Commercial Real Estate magazine as the best project of the year 2005 in the domain of commercial real estate.
Extra class A business center Stalnaya Roza will become the key object of the complex. It will be finished by the end of 2008. The construction of the complex is made by the MEBE construction company.
The architecture of the new building will be in harmony with its old industrial environment. Its main principle is laconic geometry, fulfilled by means of traditional materials such as steel, glass and bricks. The structural glazing of the facades will supply abundant natural internal lighting. Moreover it will allow effective arranging of the office space. Rented lots will be prepared for cleaning works. Engineering decisions regarding the new business center correspond to the highest technical standards and can satisfy the most fastidious tenants.

Lobby interior will be decorated by the historical fragments of the silk cloth patterns, produced by the Krasnaya Roza factory. Halls will be decorated with the precious types of wood and clinker brick, which became the symbol of the Krasnaya Roza.
unctional congress hall, restaurant, recreational pedestrian areas of the internal yard, multilevel parking lot this is an incomplete list of the infrastructure elements of the new business-center
Traditions used for the creation of the Krasnaya Roza Square , inspire KR Properties to create unique and amazing buildings. The success of the first project proves that the strategy was finely elaborated: renovation of the old factory is primarily based on the cultural origins of the territory. This approach allows creating a unique compositional environment, which combines historical flavor with a comfortable and at the same time business environment. Previously closed industrial territory will turn into a modern architectural group in the center of the city.
The business center Stalnaya Roza represents a new page of the new story which is being written at present.

Customer: KR Properties
Visualization: iCube Visualization

Date: 2007-06-19
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