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Apartment Design-project 2

Layout of the flat after re-planning:

ul country-house in town house. And corbelled TV will vary the process of food preparing so as feast.

Soft camp-sofa and big TV-screen in front of it is a proved way to keep peace and harmony of your family:

The sitting room is all for men expectations. Home cinema, work place with the computer, comfortable camp-sofa, glassy magazine table, standard lamp everything here is a men dream, wherever he is yang or old. The wall in front of the window is almost entirely hidden by the correctly selected elements of modular repository, only door is free. The idea of using walls in this way isnt new, but very practical. thrust forward an original square in square ceiling construction (just so it looks from below) with fitted lights.

Work zone is also situated in the sitting-room:

Lavatory didnt changed a lot, only mini - wash-hand-stand appeared. Hinged ceiling assembled in bathroom, and glaze tiles at the walls and on the floor diagonally laid.

As for the anteroom and the checkroom the situation is different. The partition was moved closer to the enter and it enlarged checkroom area. Sizes of the anteroom stayed the same, but expanding mirror doors noticeably enlarged the room by sight. Bar with some shelves for different small items solved the problem of keeping trifles which are always have to be in the limelight.


Polyurethane beams, which plunge thoughts about country house, are the salt of the kitchen.

Soft pastel tones of background decoration and more than bright spots (yellow upholstery of the sofa and kitchen apron) makes an atmosphere of sun shine and happiness. All the rooms, except bathroom and WC, were painted.

Walls of the sitting-room were painted with the white dull acrylic paint. Unusual false wall, painted in milk-white and pale beige colors, marking out the room centre and tone with the floor covering and with the furniture upholstery.
Customer: Magazine Idei Vashego Doma:
Design: Sharovsky Alexandr
Visualization: Sharovsky Alexandr

Date: 2004-02-05
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