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One-room Apartment Interior

The interactive model of the one-room apartment interior.
The static renderings of the apartment interior were created in 2004 ( Today you can take a walk on this interior.

Download file, 17752 kb

Interactive model
Interactive model
Interactive model

While looking at the model you may use the following functions:
0 Switching on/off smoothing
1, 2 Open/close the shelves below the TV, you can also do it by clicking mouse buttons
C the mode that changes walls colour in the living-room. Stand still and press C button on your keyboard. The menu for colour change will appear in the left lower corner. Move slides by pressing C.
H shows/hides geometry with vases and statutes. If you have a weak video card, then you should conjugate the additional details.
G Switch on/off the gas in the kitchen
formats. In order to watch the video, just press on the TV screen.
In order to let water flow, press on the tap.
In order to change the colour of the chairs in the kitchen, press on the upholstery.
Interactive model: Veselov G.D.

Date: 2006-03-17
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