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Apartment Design-project 1

Layout of the flat after re-planning:

Saturated, bright tones of interior decoration and light tone of furniture makes atmosphere of the house more joyous and festive. The young couple, for whom this project was made, Got separated bedroom and sitting room.

Sizes of the anteroom didnt change. The anteroom is a separated apartment which is illuminating through glazed kitchen doors. The decor is bright: walls are painted with the yellow paint, white glazed tile optically enlarge this small room.


Wood-texture glazed tiles laid at the bathroom floor, it makes an effect of warmth and cosiness, that is why bathroom doesnt seem humid anymore.

Bathroom walls are tiled with white glossy glaze. All the sanitary engineering is at the same place, except lavatory pan, now it is situated closer to techbasket. Because of this shift in a right-hand from door corner some free area for clothes washer appeared.

Cardinal changes happened with the living-room. Stucco partition with expandable doors shared the room in two equal parts - sitting room and bedroom. The rooms square is not large, but thanks to the semi-transparent doors and walls which are painted in one (beige) color, the area doesnt seem closed.

Sitting-room. Recreation area with sofa is detached with the stucco panel ledge. It is keeping on at the ceiling, where dotty lamps are fitted. And its possible to hang a picture or family photos in a niche above the sofa.

We had to do a meter embrasure in a main wall, to make a passage between kitchen and living room. It was reserved opened to combine several small rooms into one big area. Camp-sofa is situated in front of the cupboard with TV in sitting room. Floors in sitting-room and bedroom are covered with the ash-tree imitation laminated plastic.

Bedroom doors enter into stucco partitions slot, head of the bed set to it. This version of bed arrangement demands blameless quite work from the mechanisms of the door. The light get in to the bedroom through opal glass doors. In front of the bed, between two wardrobes the TV-set is situated.

The kitchen. Pipe-band of drawing out was sheathed by volumetric box made of stucco, thats how the bay with the highlight, in which all kitchen furniture perfectly fits, appeared.

The kitchen is decorated in appetizing and tasty colours orange dinner-group, cucumber walls, bacon front and garniture. Kitchen apron trimmed with the plexiglass.
Customer: Magazine Idei Vashego Doma:
Design: Kolchanov Igor
Visualization: Varlamov Ilya

Date: 2004-02-05
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